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Scott R. Sheehan

Scott Sheehan

Congratulations to Scott Sheehan ('12 M.M.E.) who has been elected to serve as president-elect of the NAfME Eastern Division. He will begin his term in July,2013, and succeed to the presidency in 2015.

Scott is in his sixteenth year of teaching, serving as Director of Bands, music theory instructor, and Music Department Chairperson at Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School in Hollidaysburg, PA. Previously, he served as Director of Bands and Fine Arts Coordinator at Bald Eagle Area High School in Wingate, PA. Scott holds bachelor’s degrees in Music Education and Music Marketing from Clarion University and a master’s degree in Music Education from Penn State. Within the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, Scott is Immediate-Past President, a member of the Mentoring Team, and currently chairing the Strategic Planning Committee. He was recognized as a Keystone Technology Integrator by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is currently serving on the department’s Educator Effectiveness Stakeholders Panel. Scott is also active as a guest conductor, clinician, and trumpet performer. He and his wife, Amy, have a daughter, Elizabeth, and a dog, Einstein.

Scott stated in his online election platform that “music education is facing a myriad of challenges. Reductions in federal and state funding, local economic difficulties, and high stakes testing have caused considerable collateral damage to music programs. Some evidence of this damage can be seen in school and music budget constraints, fewer music teachers in school districts, and less time allotted for music during the school day. The notion of “do more with less” has sadly become a reality for many music programs."

"Another challenge that may be connected to high-stakes testing is teacher evaluation. Many states are using data outside of the music classroom to determine a teacher’s effectiveness as music remains a non-tested subject. Lack of standardized testing also means music is often not held in the same regard as math, science, and reading.  Formally assessing students’ growth and mastery is essential for all subjects, and this data is often a component of new teacher evaluation systems. Consequently, music teachers are faced with many questions and challenges as teacher evaluations are implemented."

"Similarly, NAfME continues the challenging role of empowering music educators to become creative and resourceful in providing high quality music experiences for all children.NAfME’s greatest challenge, perhaps, is staying aware of the unique circumstances that affect the diverse needs of music educators across the country. NAfME must remain vigilant and proactive with all advocacy initiatives, providing members with professional development resources and opportunities to share the importance of music. The need to grow membership and engage current members has never been more crucial because members who perceive value in NAfME are more likely to become active and share their affiliation!"

"Although we face imposing challenges, here is a simple way to remind us how we can persevere – OPALS. Now is the time to capitalize on every Opportunity to share the importance of a quality music education for all. NAfME and its state affiliates need to continue developing Partnerships with like-minded organizations to further the cause.  Effective Advocacy must remain an integral part of all planning and initiatives. Leadership is essential in program development and implementation, and finally, Service to NAfME and music education will certainly pave a bright path for the future.”