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Sue Haug

Sue Haug

Sue Haug, Professor of Music, was granted Honorary Membership in the National Association of Schools of Music in November 2018 at the association's annual meeting in Washington, DC. In presenting the award on behalf of the NASM Board of Directors, Peter Witte (Dean, Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific) recounted Haug's nearly 18 years of elected service to the association and the field of music. Haug served NASM most recently as its president and vice-president, and previously served 11 years on the NASM Commission on Accreditation, including six years as the Commission Chair and Associate Chair.  Haug served on the NASM Executive Committee, assisting in the planning of 12 annual meetings. The membership honored Haug with a standing ovation as the award was presented.

Haug joined the Penn State School of Music in 2005 as its director, a position she held until June 2017. She will retire from Penn State at the end of fall semester. She will continue as a consultant for NASM institutions.

During her president's address at the First General Session, Haug remarked that her retirement was timed not only to coincide with the end of her NASM presidency, but also with the completion of a new recital hall and a remodeled music building at Penn State. "Academic life is full of such glorious moments," she said. "We are fortunate to be employed doing something we love, to be surrounded by highly educated and passionate individuals, to be inspired on a daily basis by the work of our students, and to have the opportunity to contribute to our communities and institutions." The complete address will be available on the NASM website (