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Study Abroad - Music Performance

Listed below are the Penn State-sponsored study abroad programs that are most popular with music majors.  Some offer music performance workshops while other offer music history and other related courses.

IES MILAN                                                                                          

IES Milan offers excellent opportunities for music majors.  Course offerings at the IES Milan Center include music history and a music performance workshop.  In addition, individual instruction can be arranged and, those with sufficient Italian, may enroll in courses at the Academia Internazionale della Musica.  Italian language is not a prerequisite but taking Italian while at IES Milan is required.

Strength:  Performance workshop and individual instruction options.  The director of IES Milan, is a native Milanese and a practicing composer so he prides himself in finding students individual instruction in Milan regardless of their instrument. 

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IES Vienna offers a program designed specifically for music majors and minors in addition to its general Area Studies program at its Vienna Center.  Participants in the Music Program at IES Vienna choose from courses in music history, music theory, a Music Performance Workshop, individual music instruction, and, those with sufficient German, may take a course at the Universität für Musik und dartellende Kunst or Universität Wien.  German language is not a prerequisite but taking German while at IES Vienna is required.

Strengths:  Performance workshop and individual instruction options.  The director of IES Vienna is a music historian.

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IES Vienna also offers a summer program designed specially for music majors.  Participants choose two or three of three courses: a music history course, performance studies, and German language. 

Strengths: Summer study abroad with a performance component is extremely rare. This program allows music majors to study abroad without being away from University Park for a full semester.  This is especially relevant for Music Education majors.

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The University of Leeds offers a four-week summer session during which students take two two-week courses.  The summer session offers a diverse but limited selection of courses.  Among the courses for Summer 2014 were “Electronic Music: History and Practice” in the first session and “British Popular Music in the North of England” in the second session.

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Brighton, England               University of Sussex

Brisbane, Australia                        University of Queensland

Buenos Aires, Argentina   Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte through IES*

Cairo, Egypt                          American University of Cairo (currently suspended)

Leeds, England                     University of Leeds

Melbourne, Australia         University of Melbourne

Paris,             France                       IES Center and the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris*

Sydney, Australia                University of Sydney through IES

University of New South Wales

Wellington, New Zealand  Victoria University of Wellington.

* Command of local language required.


To study abroad in the Fall – apply by January 20th.

To study abroad in the Spring – apply by May 1st.

To study abroad in the Summer – apply by February 1st.


Applications for all Penn State-sponsored study abroad programs are submitted electronically through the Education Abroad web site:

The application consists of a short application form, a recommendation from a

Penn State instructor, and a transcript. 


Randy Ploog     

Coordinator of International Programs

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