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Faculty Technology Guide - What to do and how to get help

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Audio Systems
[NOTE: this does not include classrooms 100, 115, 117 MBI. Campus technology handles these - see the information posted in those rooms about how to get help with those systems.]

Other venues are not yet supported (in progress).

Audio/Visual carts

  • 3 permanent carts: 122MB2, 110MB1, and Esber Hall (backstage). 
  • 1 mobile cart: 19MB2 Lab D. There is a sign-out sheet - email Paul Barsom for card swipe access to the room. 

Please report problems to the Technology Committee. 

Broken Equipment 

  • General purpose classrooms/non-school equipment: contact information in rooms
  • Other classrooms/rehearsal/performance spaces: Mark Ballora

Computer Support

  • School purchased/supported machine: college IT help desk-865-1571, or college IT support website
  • Computer and peripheral device purchases: Lea Ann Bloom
  • Consulting on purchases: Bob Klotz
Electrical supplies

Esber Hall Manual

Esber Hall sound equipment

Performances/Events with music technology

General Purpose Classrooms - 100, 115, 117 Music I

Keyboard Synthesizers

Penn State Policies 

Personal Computers (and related devices)


  • The school is not responsible for recording any events.
  • Contact a local recording professional: Robert Klotz or other
  • Student recordists are available but the school does not supervise them (caveat emptor) 
  • Recording Studio: Paul Barsom
Technology Labs
  • 214 Music Building I: notation software, internet, word processing, etc.
  • Pattee library, Pollock labs: internet, general music software, duplication equipment, etc.
  • Studios A, B, C, D Music II: recording and audio composition. See Paul Barsom

Transferring analog audio (LPs, tape, etc.) to digital media

Video projector and camera lending


Penn State Music Faculty Technology Guide v.2.0