The College of Arts and Architecture

BA Ensemble Requirements

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Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Music program pursue a broad liberal education with an overall view of the art.  Students are responsible for choosing ensembles which reflect the breadth and diversity of musical experiences necessary to attain the goals of the degree.  Advisers and applied instructors should be consulted regarding ensemble choices.

1) All of the 4 required credits must be earned by participation with the major instrument/voice.  Keyboard majors should consult with the applied instructor and adviser to determine how to meet this requirement.  Only 1 credit per semester may be applied toward the degree requirement.


Concert Band
Jazz Ensemble:  Centre Dimensions
Philharmonic Orchestra
Symphonic Band
Symphonic Wind Ensemble


Concert Choir
Glee Club
Opera Theatre
Oriana Singers
University Choir

  • A total of only 2 credits from among these ensembles may be applied toward the B.A. degree requirements:

Accompanying (keyboard)
     Sonata Duos
     Studio/Recital Accompanying

Brass Chamber Music
Campus Band
Chamber Orchestra
Jazz Ensemble II & III
Mallet Ensemble
Marching Blue Band
Percussion Ensemble
String Chamber Music
Woodwind Chamber Music

Chamber Music for Voices
Essence of Joy
Women’s Chorale

4) In addition to these required credits, other ensembles may be elected throughout the program upon the advice and consent of the applied instructor and the adviser.

5) A student in academic difficulty must obtain the adviser’s consent to register in more than two ensembles per semester.  Academic difficulty is defined as a GPA below 2.5 and/or any music course not passed (grade of D or F).