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Common Hour, Recital, and Concert Attendance

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Members of the School of Music community recognize the importance of attending one another’s performances and presentations. In honoring this essential responsibility, we improve our ability as musicians, we renew our love for the art, and we affirm our commitment to each other. This duty involves regular exposure to a wide variety of music, including styles and genres we may not initially understand or appreciate.
More than 400 performances and music-related academic events are scheduled each year on the University Park campus. These include faculty and student recitals, concerts by School of Music ensembles, special School of Music-sponsored programs, and Center for the Performing Arts programs. In addition, there is a Common Hour each Friday (2:30–3:20 p.m.) in the Esber Recital Hall and Freshman Experience on many Fridays at 2:30-3:20. These programs include student and faculty performances, as well as demonstrations and lectures by faculty and guests of the School of Music. Students are expected to attend a reasonable number of the many events sponsored by the School of Music each year. (See Attendance Requirement below.)

Attendance Requirement (Music 101:  Common Hour)
Music 101:  Common Hour is required of all students pursuing undergraduate degrees in music.  This course is designed as a vehicle for monitoring student attendance at Common Hours and Freshman Experience. Attendance at 40 of these events will constitute satisfactory completion of the course. NOTE: first-year music majors are required to attend all Freshman Experience events. Records of attendance are maintained by the School of Music office.

Students register for this course the semester in which their total attendance will reach 40 Common Hours.