The College of Arts and Architecture

Procedure for acceptance into the program

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Application for entrance into the B.A. program will be made to the Undergraduate Committee, through a B.A. adviser, following completion of three semesters of study in a music degree program.

Week 2 - Students interested in the B.A. program should schedule an appointment with a B.A. adviser.  Together they will review the student’s progress in the two-year core of music and general education courses in preparation for the Mid-Program Evaluation for MUSBA Majors.

Week 4 - The student will submit the Mid-Program Evaluation, including (1) the evaluation forms, (2) an unofficial transcript, (3) a student schedule for the current semester, and (4) a change-of-major form.  Notification of the results of the evaluation will take place by the twelfth week of the semester.