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Graduate and PPC Jury Policy

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Master of Music in Voice Performance

Master of Music in Voice Pedagogy and Performance

Professional Performer Certificate

8 or more songs each semester, usually representing at least 4 languages. (Extended works may count for more than 1 selection.)

            Master of Fine Arts in Voice Pedagogy for Musical Theatre

10 or more songs each semester in the classical and musical theatre styles. 

Master of Music Education

PhD in Music Education


5 or more songs each semester, usually representing at least 2 languages.


1. Students studying voice for 2 or more credits are required by the voice faculty to take a jury each semester; however, students will not be required to take a jury the semester of their degree recital. The only exception to this policy involves the PPC students, who are not required to take a jury.

2. All selections are to be memorized unless approved in advance by the voice faculty for certain literature. Singers will begin with the selection of their choice. The faculty will choose another song or songs to be heard.

3. The faculty will ask in-depth questions about the literature studied during the semester. Students will be required to be conversant about the composers, poets and/or librettists, and to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of musical, stylistic, historical, and/or cultural aspects of the material.

4. Juries may be deferred when necessary, and only in consultation with the applied teacher. Make-up juries will be heard during a voice faculty meeting early in the subsequent semester.


A letter grade will be assigned by each faculty member. These grades will be averaged to determine the jury grade. The jury grade will influence the course grade.