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Voice Event Attendance Policy

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All classical students studying voice for 2 or more credits and students in the MFA program are required to attend a minimum of seven solo voice events each semester.  

Musical Theatre majors have the following requirements, based on their year in the program:
  • Musical Theatre Freshmen - 5 events (2 must be classical); in the fall semester, you are required to write 3 voice event reviews and turn them in no later than one week after the event.
  • Musical Theatre Sophomores - 4 events (2 must be classical)
  • Musical Theatre Juniors - 3 events (1 must be classical); in the spring semester, attendance at one Voice Forum will count as one vocal event.
  • Musical Theatre Seniors - 3 events in the fall semester only (1 must be classical)

Students will choose concerts from an approved list of offerings provided by the voice faculty.  The list will be made available electronically on a weekly basis through the Vocal~List Serve and will also be posted on the Voice Area Bulletin Board. Students will not be allowed to count events in which they perform (even if their performance is a small percentage of the program).  Students are encouraged to check the Voice Area Bulletin Board regularly for reminder notices of events.  

Please note: In the case of a sold-out run of a musical theatre performance, please be aware that you may go to the box office and put yourself on a waiting list. Come at least a half-hour before the show begins! There are almost always seats available.

This requirement benefits voice students in the following ways:

  • As singers, voice students need to know as much vocal literature as possible.  The body of literature is so vast that no student could sing even a large fraction of it, so they must continue to learn vocal works by listening to live concerts and recordings.
  • As students of singing, voice students need to hear their teachers, other solo artists, and other students perform, to see and hear in action the physical, vocal, musical, and artistic principles they are learning in the studio.
  • As members of the School of Music community and the voice area, voice students need to support the solo vocal activities of their teachers, peers and the School.
  • As aspiring professional musicians, voice students need to acquire the habit of going to concerts.    
  • To reinforce the concepts above, teachers will engage students in an understanding of the literature and performance components of the performances they attend.


Approved voice events are solo performances that focus on students who currently study voice at Penn State, and Penn State-sponsored performances that emphasize solo singing. Choral concerts are not counted towards the attendance requirement, but oratorio performances with solo singing are. Also approved are:  Undergraduate Recognition Recitals, Graduate Recognition Recitals, NATS Student Auditions, dress rehearsals for recitals, multiple performances of the Penn State Opera Theatre (because of the different casts), and School of Music-sponsored vocal master classes and trips (such as the New York Opera trip and the New York musical theatre trip—one show only).  Other events are approved at the discretion of the voice faculty.  Events that fall outside of these categories will not receive credit.  Students may suggest concerts to be considered for voice event credit, though suggestions must be made well in advance of the scheduled performance. The Vocal~List Serve is the final authority on approved events.


Students will receive credit for solo voice events by writing your name and student number on the approved event program, and then giving it to your voice teacher to be recorded on his or her master list.  Classical students: once your attendance has been recorded, your teacher will return the program to you to place in the accordion file in the mailroom for School of Music concert credit.  Caution:  Do not place your program in the accordion file in the mailroom or in a box outside the recital hall after a concert.  Programs collected in this way will give School of Music students credit for the School of Music recital requirement, but not voice credit.

The LATEST DATE AND TIME YOU MAY TURN IN YOUR PROGRAMS FOR CREDIT IS NOON OF THE MONDAY OF FINAL EXAM WEEK.  If your program is turned in after that time, you will not receive credit for it.  Period.

Attendance will influence each student's final voice grade in the following ways:
 - Missing one or two of the events will drop the grade one quality point (e.g., from A to A-).
 - Missing three or four of the events will drop the grade two quality points (e.g., from A to B+).
 - Missing five or six of the events will drop the grade three quality points (e.g., from A to B).
 - Missing all seven of the events will drop the grade four quality points (e.g., from A to B-).