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Voice Forum

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Voice Forum is held on Fridays from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in room 110 MBI. The Forum offers an opportunity for performance with constructive feedback from the voice faculty and from peers, and for special events.  A sign-up sheet will be posted at the beginning of every semester on the Voice Area Bulletin Board. Music for the Forum accompanist is due at the beginning of the Voice Forum one week prior to the date assigned to the student.  Please give the music to that day’s pianist or put it in the manila envelope on the voice area bulletin board. Singers who do not provide the pianist with their music at least one week in advance of their Forum performance will not be allowed to perform in Voice Forum on that day.   

In addition to the work on voice technique, interpretation, and performance practice, Voice Forum is an opportunity to learn about voice literature. Students will be expected to engage in conversation about historical, cultural, musical, textual, or other aspects of pieces presented. All School of Music voice majors, minors and students in the MFA degree program are required to attend Voice Forum at least seven times per semester. This includes those students who have satisfied applied music degree requirements, and are taking voice as an elective. BFA students must attend Voice Forum in the Freshman and Sophomore years; Freshmen are required to attend a minimum of 6 Voice Forums and Sophomores are required to attend a minimum of 5 Voice Forums.  Non-voice emphasis music majors and non-music majors studying voice as an elective, and those in voice classes are encouraged to attend Voice Forum. To receive attendance credit at Forum, students sign in on individual studio sheets on the table in room 110. Each voice faculty member keeps track of the attendance of his/her students through these sheets.

Undergraduate students may defer the Voice Forum attendance requirement during any two semesters of study to allow more flexibility in scheduling required general education courses. The student is to make his or her applied teacher aware of any deferred attendance at the beginning of the semester in question to avoid inappropriate grade penalties. 

Students are encouraged to check the voice area bulletin board regularly for reminder notices of events, including changes to the regular Voice Forum format. 


Each student writes his or her name on the studio sign-in sheets upon arrival at Voice Forum.  A record of attendance is kept by the studio teacher.  Latecomers and those who leave early may not receive full credit.  If you have any questions about whether or not you are eligible for receiving attendance credit on a day you arrived late or had to leave early, please discuss the matter with your studio teacher.

Attendance will influence each student’s final voice grade in the following ways:
  - Missing one or two of the required forums will drop the grade one quality point (e.g., from A to A-).
  - Missing three or four of the required forums will drop the grade two quality points (e.g., from A to B+).
  - Missing five or more required forums will drop the grade three quality points (e.g., from A to B).