The College of Arts and Architecture

Working with Minors in School Facilities

If you teach or work with minors in School of Music facilities, you must comply with Penn State policy AD-39 that governs students under the age of 18 who are involved in University programs, but who are not accepted/matriculated students of the University. 

AD-39 requires that two Authorized Adults be present when working directly with a minor or a group of minors. An Authorized Adult is a person, age 18 and older, paid or unpaid, who interacts with, supervises, chaperones, or otherwise oversees minors in program activities at Penn State. This includes faculty, staff, volunteers, and students. Authorized Adults are considered to be mandated reporters as defined by Pennsylvania law.

Becoming an Authorized Adult

If you expect to take part in a campus event that includes minors, or if you plan to give lessons to minors on campus, you must complete two steps:

1. Complete the three required clearances (PA State Police Check, PA Child Abuse Clearance, and FBI Fingerprint Check). The University covers the costs for this. See Lea Ann Bloom for further information.

2. Read AD-39 about reporting child abuse to ensure that you understand the policies and laws, your responsibility to report suspected abuse, and the protocol for reporting. Contact the Director’s Office to receive current information about the mandatory online child abuse reporter training, which is required for all individuals working with minors on campus.

Private Instruction (lessons, coaching)

In order to assure compliance with these policies, you must inform the Office of the Director of the School of Music if you will be giving private lessons to minors in the school’s facilities. Since it is often not practical to have two Authorized Adults present in private lessons, we require the presence of a parent. The parent may either sit in on the lesson or may sit in the hallway immediately outside the teaching studio. If this is not possible, parents may sign a waiver form giving consent for their son/daughter to be alone with an adult instructor.

Please be sure that either two Penn State Authorized Adults are present, or that you have filed a copy of the parent signed waiver form with Lea Ann Bloom if you are providing private instruction to minors.