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Manny Houndo
Beyoncé’s shout-out was only the beginning for Penn State student
For first-year Penn State student Emmanuel “Manny” Houndo, it was a pivotal moment in his life when Beyoncé shared a YouTube video of him playing her song, “Drunk in Love,” on his violin. A social media shout-out from Beyoncé, Grammy winner and Super Bowl halftime headliner, is a big deal, particularly for a teenager in high school with a passion for music. “At that point, I was posting music videos online purely because it was fun. A week after I posted ‘...
5th grade trumpet players visit Penn State
New Student Engagement Opportunity for Music Education Students
Public school districts schedule periodic professional development during the school year for their faculties. While offering opportunities for faculty, the school students receive a day off. This schedule can sometimes wreak havoc with University music education students who are scheduled for field experiences on those days – chances to leave their Penn State classrooms to go into the schools and interact with actual music students. On Friday, Oct. 24 and Friday, Nov. 4, Penn State music...
petting zoo picture
School of Music Students Teach Community Basics of Playing Instruments During Instrument Petting Zoo
No experience needed. This was the motto at the Center for the Performing Art’s event, the Instrument Petting Zoo, where students with any level of musical experience were able to attend to informally learn the basics of how to play certain wind and string instruments. The Woskob Family Gallery downtown hosted the event where Penn State School of Music students set up their instruments to teach inexperienced attendees how to play. In the gallery, student music ambassadors served as...
Student Spotlight
Emily Rickard

Junior music education major Emily Rickard has been named as one of the co-winners of the annual Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition. A clarinet student in the studio of Anthony J. Costa, she will...

Faculty Spotlight
Kim Cook
Congratulations to cello professor Kim Cook who was awarded with the rank of Distinguished Professor in December 2016.
Alumni Spotlight
justin fyala

Justin Fyala (’07 B.S.-voice) has been appointed as the executive director of the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, D.C. For the past five years, he served as general manager of Windy City Performing Arts, the umbrella organization of the...