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Castalia Trio

The Castalia Trio unites three outstanding performers with active solo and recording careers: faculty artists James Lyon, Kim Cook, and emerita faculty member castalia trioMarylene Dosse. Artists-in-residence at the Pennsylvania State University since 1991, the trio has been heard in many major cities of the United States, including a critically-acclaimed performance at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. International tours have taken them to Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and France, where their popularity with audiences and presenters has resulted in repeated invitations for encore performances there.

Following a highly successful performance in Prague, the trio was invited to record a compact disc for the Skrvna label that won the prestigious Sound Stage Award for best classical release.
A ground-breaking three week tour of China brought them to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Jinan where their concerts were televised live via satellite through the nation and included performances of the Beethoven Triple Concerto and the premiere of Bruce Trinkley's Cold Mountain: Seven Shih for piano trio. The Daily Xinhua wrote: "They captured our hearts..."
Recognized for their profound collective experience as teachers and for their unique ability to communicate with young musicians, the Castalia Trio has been invited for residencies at the Paris, Versailles, Shanghai, and Beijing conservatories. They enjoy the opportunity to work with students of all ages and have given numerous master-classes and interactive performances in American universities and schools.
The ensemble derives its name from a mythic fountain on Mount Parnassus, which was sacred to the Muses and considered a source of inspiration. In the spirit of rekindled creativity the Castalia Trio has commissioned and premiered works of notable contemporary composers, including Ronald Caltabiano, Burt Fenner, Bruce Trinkley, and Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum.
Classical Jewels            
Marylène Dosse, piano
James Lyon, violin
Kim Cook, cello
Johannes Brahms: Trio in B major
Maurice Ravel: Trio