The College of Arts and Architecture

Recording Studios

The Penn State School of Music/School of Theater recording studio suite is a multi-use facility intended for training and audio production. It is capable of the highest level of professional recording and sound design and continues to evolve to serve the needs of students and faculty.

The studios serve the dual purposes of providing training in audio production and of producing professional quality audio projects. Products including film scoring, composition, album production and more are possible in the facility. More detail can be found by clicking the links for each studio below.

The Studios

  • Studio A is a professional quality recording studio.
  • Studio B is a single workstation space with a variety of softsynths used for rendering instrumental tracks or film scoring.
  • Studio C is an isolation room. 
  • Studio D is a general purpose space for mixing projects created in Studios A and B.

Students and faculty may be recorded in Studio A if:

  1. They are a current faculty member or student in the School of Music or School of Theater. 
  2. The recording pertains to their scholarly or professional work.

Click on the Studio A link above for information about arranging to use the facility.

Students and faculty may be recorded in Studios B, C or D if they are taking part in a project that is part of a Music or Theater course. They need not be majors in the School of Music or School of Theater. Generally, use of Studios B, C and D is first granted for students enrolled in technology courses. Once a student has taken a course using B, C or D, they may request access to work on projects. Faculty may request the use of these studios for appropriate professional work.

Click here for an application form for Studio A access

Click here for an application form for access to Studios B, D, and D