The College of Arts and Architecture

Concurrent Majors/Dual Degrees

Completing a music degree and a degree in another field of study is possible at Penn State. Music majors have earned degrees in a wide range of subject areas while pursuing their music studies, including Math, Psychology, German, French, Business and many more. Pursuing simultaneous degrees in music performance and music education is also possible.

The Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Musical Arts degree (for students with strong performance backgrounds) are programs that can be good choices for students pursuing dual degrees.

While providing opportunities for dual majors, Penn State allows freshman applications in a single major only. Students intending a second degree along with a music degree are strongly encouraged to apply as music majors. Official application to the major outside of music is made during the sophomore year. Students pursuing dual degrees should meet with an adviser in the non-music field of study for guidance on course scheduling for the non-music degree.

Students with multiple interests might also consider the vast array of minors available at Penn State.