The College of Arts and Architecture

Music Performance

The music performance minor serves students who have been active in music lessons and ensembles prior to college and who wish to continue formalized study. An audition is required for this option. Please contact Irene Kohute in 234 Music I to set up this audition or complete the audition request form. Since acceptance into the music performance minor is based on the audition and space availability in the applied area, it is important to contact the faculty member in the area of intended applied study.

Requirements for the music performance minor (grade of C or above) are:

  • 8 credits  Applied Music (audition required)
  • 4 credit  Ensembles
  • 3 credits  Music electives (any music course without prerequisites or permission of instructor)
  • 6 credits  400-level courses (see below)
  • 21 credits

Applicable courses include 400-level applied music courses, and/or Music 414, 415, 416, or 418 (pedagogy), 420 (Vocal Accompanying Techniques), 467 (Opera Theatre), 468 (Acting for Singers), 488 (Studies in the Major Performance Area), 489 (Studio and Recital Accompanying), 490 (Chamber Music for Strings), 491 (Advanced Chamber Ensemble), 493 (Sonata Duos). These courses are options and not required, as certain students may be able to select other courses.

How to apply: Students must meet with the minor adviser to work out a plan of study and to apply formally to the minor program. Students are not considered music minors until this application form is completed. There may be considerable variability in how the 400-level course requirements will be met, so students MUST meet regularly with the minor adviser to plan the course of study.

Minor Adviser:
Timothy Hurtz,
211 Music Building II