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Schreyer Honors College

High-achieving students are encouraged to explore the opportunities available through enrollment in the Schreyer Honors College. Schreyer Scholars have access to exclusive study abroad programs, research placements, special financial aid considerations and the option of two honors residence halls that establish a vibrant setting for learning and living.  Schreyer applicants may be eligible for exclusive scholarships and Honors College students also have additional grants and scholarships available for experiences such as travel abroad and research or creative activity. The following outstanding Schreyer alumni demonstrate the diversity and richness of music Schreyer scholars opportunities and achievements: 

Requirements for the Honors distinction include a series of advanced courses and completion of a capstone project or thesis. In addition to honors courses, the Honors College encourages its students to be active citizens of university life. These students often hold leadership positions in campus organizations to which they belong, transferring skills that lead to excellence in the classroom to skills that lead to making a difference in their chosen field or profession. Schreyer’s students are among the nation’s finest, on a level with many other elite schools. 

Students enrolled in the Schreyer Honors College are afforded several specific privileges: 

  1. Admission to honors and graduate-level courses,
  2. Flexibility in fulfilling certain degree requirements,
  3. Registration priority for many courses,
  4. Graduate/faculty borrowing privileges at the University Libraries, and
  5. The opportunity to pursue simultaneous undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Students must make a separate application to the Schreyer Honors College when they apply to Penn State. Please see their Web site for details on the application process. Participants in the program must:  1) maintain a 3.33 (B+) G.P.A. each semester; 2) complete at least 3 honors courses each academic year (fall/spring/summer), for a minimum of 7 honors credits, in each of the first two years, and a minimum of 14 honors credits during the remainder of enrollment; and 3) complete an honors thesis or project.  Students successfully completing the program will be awarded an honors diploma.

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