The College of Arts and Architecture

Graduate Application Process

The admission process begins with completion of the online graduate admission application and payment of the non-refundable application fee. Prior to completing the application, please visit Penn State's requirements for graduate admission. (If the application fee is not paid, the application cannot be reviewed.)

1. Once you have read the University requirements as well as the specific graduate degree program information, proceed to the online application. When completing the application, you will be asked to select your major first, then the degree. The following is a list of majors and corresponding graduate degrees from which you may choose:

PERFORMANCE: M.Mus. in orchestral instruments, piano, and voice

PEDAGOGY and PERFORMANCE: M.Mus. in voice or piano

PIANO PERFORMANCE: D.M.A. in piano performance

CONDUCTING: M.Mus. in band/wind ensemble, choral, or orchestral conducting

MUSIC EDUCATION: M.M.E., Ph.D., or Instructional I Certification in music education

MUSIC:  M.A. in Music with tracks in Musicology, Music Theory, or Music Theory and History

COMPOSITION-THEORY: M.Mus. in Composition and Theory 

2. Applicants are required to scan and upload a copy of the official transcript (or equivalent document e.g., marksheet, record of courses) from all post-secondary institutions attended. These can be ordered and received from the institution registrar's office and must be marked as official. The transcript must be in the official language of the institution attended. If that language is not English, an official English translation needs to be included. Include both sides of non-blank transcript pages.

This document will be considered as unofficial documentation of educational credentials and is used for application review purposes only. The following are NOT acceptable: unofficial transcripts, advising transcripts, transcripts retrieved from your university's student system.

If recommended for admission and accepting the offer, you will be notified by the Graduate School that official transcripts/documents must be sent from the originating institutions in the official language of the institution(s) attended. If that language is not English, an official English translation must also be sent.

The Graduate School will review all official documents to finalize the offer of admission. Offers will be revoked if official/original documents are not received by the Graduate School within specified deadlines, or if these documents differ from the copies uploaded by the applicant at the time of application.

Note: Before uploading any document containing sensitive information such as social security, credit card, or driver's license numbers, be absolutely certain to obscure or hide that information.

3. Upload all other required application materials such as the statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and graduate assistantship application, etc. directly to the online application. A list of specific materials required for each degree program is located at the conclusion of the program descriptions found on the menu to the left.

4. If applying to a performance, conducting, or composition program, please access Audition Requirements. Click on the appropriate option and follow the directions. Some graduate programs require a pre-screening before an invitation to audition is extended, while other programs require applicants to schedule an audition directly by either contacting the instructor or by submitting the online scheduling form. Again, please access Audition Requirements, click on the appropriate option, and follow directions. In certain cases, permission may be granted to send a recorded audition (click here for information).

International applicants, please go to special instructions for international students now.

5.  APPLICATION DEADLINES - For fall semester admission, applications received by February 15, with audition and/or interview requirements completed by March 15, will be given full consideration for admission and graduate assistantship funding.  Please note that many areas (e.g. voice) complete auditions by the end of February.  For spring semester admission, applications received by September 30, with audition and/or interview requirements completed by October 31, will be given full consideration for admission.

The M.M. in Voice Performance, the M.M. in Pedagogy and Performance (with track in voice), and the Professional Performance Certificate in voice require a pre-screening process before an invitation to audition is offered. Please access the voice audition requirements for further information.

The Ph.D. in Music Education has a rolling admission with first priority for funding to applicants who apply prior to January 15To be considered for the competitive University Graduate Fellowship funding, Ph.D. applications must be submitted by December 1.  Ph.D. applicants are the only applicants eligible for a University Graduate Fellowship nomination by the School of Music.

Late applications may be considered if space is available.

For more information, please contact:

Administrative Support Assistant
School of Music Graduate Admissions
The Pennsylvania State University
233 Music Building
University Park, PA  16802-1901