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A lecture-recital project consists of two parts.  One is the actual public lecture-recital, Music 803, two credits.  The other is the lecture portion in written form, together with a bibliography and other pertinent material (such as score examples), credited and graded as Music 802, one credit.



The lecture-recital committee consists of four members, including the chair and one other member from the performance area, and a third member either from the performance area or another area of the School of Music.  The Graduate School of Penn State requires that another member shall be from outside the School of Music.  It is the student's responsibility to secure the committee's membership and availability for the presentation.  The student will have previously completed at least one DMA recital, Music 801, and will have established candidacy for the degree.

Proposal, Content, and Presentation

1.     The student and the committee chair together shall develop a proposal, subject to approval of a second reader, who may be from the same performance area or another area of the School of Music; and subsequently, approval of the Graduate Committee of the School of Music.  The topic may be standard repertoire analyzed and performed from a new perspective, or on the other hand, it may be less-well known, specialist repertoire.  In any case it should not be repertoire previously performed by the candidate at Penn State or addressed in a Music 594 monograph previously.  The proposal, of 2-4 pages addressing the topic, plus appropriate bibliography, should be available to the Graduate Committee by the end of the semester prior to the semester in which it is presented, assuming that the presentation will occur after the seventh week of the following semester (e.g., December before a presentation in late March or April).

2.     The student must be enrolled in Keyboard 580J applied lessons throughout the period of preparation of the Music 802-803 Lecture-Recital.


3.     The student shall develop the text of the lecture, first with the approval of the committee chair and second reader, by one month before the scheduled presentation.  This text will consist of a monograph, featuring the analytical, stylistic, and/or historical study of the music to be performed; it shall be of no more length than can be delivered in 30-40 minutes, but no less than twenty minutes, and shall be of sufficient depth to contribute to professional literature.  It should reflect either a new perspective on the performance of standard repertoire, or a discussion of less-well known specialist repertoire.  It is the student's responsibility to prepare all drafts in acceptable standard English, with paid tutorial help as needed, but without plagiarism.  The text will be submitted to the other members of the committee for final approval two weeks before the date of presentation.  If other committee members regard the lecture text as unacceptable, the recital will be postponed; but if minor corrections are needed, they may be submitted before a final grade is given at the end of the semester.  An archive copy, properly bound, will be submitted to the School of Music.


4.     The jury for Music 803, performance of the Lecture-Recital, will consist of the same committee as for Music 802, plus other members of the applied area in attendance.







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