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Example 5-Year Plan: B.M. in Performance and M.A. in Music Theory

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Example of a 5-year plan for an IUG program for a
B.M. in Performance and M.A. in Music Theory

Courses in bold are applied to both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


4th YEAR
Applied performance Music 043J Applied performance 3
Theory elective Music 531 Analytical Techniques 3
Music elective Music 572 Seminar in Musicology 3
Ensemble Music 504 Chamber Singers 1
Gen. Ed.: Soc/Behav Sci     Psy 003 Intro. to Learning 3
Gen. Ed.: Arts ArtH 112 Survey of Western Art 3
Gen. Ed.: Science Meteo 003 Intro. to Meteorology 3
Applied performance Music 048J Applied performance 3
General music Music 101 Common Hour 1
Music electives Music 462W      Studies in Music: 1550–1750 3
Music electives Music 433 Advanced Analysis of 20th-Cent. Mus. 3
Music electives Music 435 Score Reading 1
Ensemble Music 503 Concert Choir 1
Gen. Ed.: Quantitative Math 220 Matrices 3
Gen. Ed.: Nat. Science Astro 010 Elementary Astronomy 3
5th YEAR (student on a half-time assistantship)
Free elective Math 441 Matrix Algebra 3
Music elective Music 532 Schenkerian Theory and Analysis 3
General Music Music 500 Intro. to Mus. Reference and Research       2
Thesis Music 600 Thesis 3
Music history elective Music 461W    Studies in Music: Antiquity–1600 3
Music seminar Music 574 Theory Seminar 3
Music pedagogy Music 533 Pedagogy of Theory and History 2
Thesis Music 600 Thesis 3