The College of Arts and Architecture

Music Student Ambassador Events

Name: Michael Divino

Event date: 11/8/16 

Event venue: Millenium Cafe- Millenium Science Building 

Event description: The grad string quintet was invited to perform and give a brief talk at the Millennium Cafe series, held every Tuesday morning at 10am in the Millennium Science building. We played a movement of a Beethoven quintet and Borodin quartet.

Name: Chris O'Brien 

Event date: 10/29/16

Event venue: New Bethel Baptist Church, Washington DC 

Event description: To celebrate the Artistic residency of Professor Anthony Leach at the New Bethel Baptist Church, we formed a large brass ensemble and performed 2 pieces with organ. Also on the program was the local church choir as well as an ensemble comprised of alumni from the Essence of Joy.

Name: Fabio Saggin

Event date: 10/28/16 

Event venue: Pasquerilla Spiritual Center 

Event description: Mock American Wedding. Alma Bulibekova, violin; Fabio Saggin, viola; Miguel Campos, cello

Name: Ryan Bassett

Event date: 10/24/16 

Event venue: Penn State Downtown Theatre 

Event description: Musical Petting Zoo

Name: Gabriella Stout

Event date: 10/24/16

Event venue: Altoona Middle School 

Event description: Members of the Penn State Quartet performed for the Altoona Middle School. We performed a couple of pieces and answered questions that the students had.

Name: Kelsey Melvin

Event date: 10/24/16 

Event venue: Penn State Downtown Theatre Center's Woskob Family Gallery 

Event description: Penn State students and the State College community were invited to an instrument "petting zoo" to play as many instruments as possible. No prior musical experience was necessary. The graduate students from PSU School of Music, including myself, were present to provide demonstrations and mini-lessons for various instruments.

Name: Brett Penshorn

Event date: 10/14/16 

Event venue: University HUB 

Event description: Instrument petting zoo during Parent's weekend. Parents and students stopped by our station in the HUB to learn about and try out different instruments.

Name: Audry Thompson

Event date: 10/14/16 

Event venue: The HUB 

Event description: Musical Petting Zoo - School of Music students were available with instruments to do a brief mini lesson with anyone who wanted to play an instrument during Parents Weekend.

Name: Shanti Nachtergaele

Event date: 10/14/16 

Event venue: HUB 

Event description: Instrument Petting Zoo

Name: Kelsey Melvin

Event date: 10/1/16 

Event venue: Bryce Jordan Center 

Event description: Every year PSU School of Music and PSU Athletics (i.e. Blue Band) host the event BandJam. I went with Dr. Hurtz, Dr. Costa and Mr. Russell Bloom to speak with the high school students about what it is like to be a music student at Penn State. The event, while serving many purposes - is a recruitment and information opportunity for the School of Music. It also was an opportunity to speak with high schoolers about their involvement in music and questions they have about the possibilities of majoring in music, or simply remaining involved in the arts once they get to college.

Name: Matthew Tiramani

Event date: 10/16

Event venue: Annual October Fest 2016 Barn Party 

Event description: Performed for the Spaw family's annual Barn Party at no cost

Here is a video from the event (performed individually and with combo)

Name: Emily Buehler

Event date: 9/27/16

Event venue: Eisenhower Auditorium 

Event description: Dinner with a string quartet reviewing and sharing the goals of All In Penn State, a mission in diversity, equality, and inclusion. I sat and chatted about topics ranging from music in the workplace to music across cultures. My job was to set up 2 interviews, which in both cases, the interviewees did not show up.

Name: Samuel Nemeth

Event date: 9/15/16

Event venue: Music Building I Room 110 

Event description: During one of the two days the Music 005 class was learning about Handel's "Messiah," David Schmiech and I performed the aria and duet, "The Trumpet Shall Sound" with Professor Ferraguto, who teaches the class.