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Partnership for Music Teacher Excellence-Student Teaching

The Partnership for Music Teacher Excellence was established in 1993 under Dr. Lynn Drafall. The music education faculty began placing and observing their own student teachers at that time, establishing partnerships with school districts and mentor teachers. Since then the partnership now includes 80 school districts throughout Pennsylvania and approximately 220 cooperating music educators. Penn State values the expertise of its mentor teachers and their contribution to the professional growth of each future music educator.

Student Teaching Placement Map | Student Teaching Information

Current Student Teaching Partnerships

During Spring semester we will have 23 student teachers in the field, and we are partnering with 46 different school buildings in 23 school districts and 48 cooperating teachers!

Thank you to our cooperating school districts, mentor teachers and administrators!

SPRING 2017 Cooperating School Districts and Mentors




Altoona Area

High School

Junior High School


Kelly Detwiler

Jessica Connell

Jamie Hillard

Teri Myers

Bald Eagle Area


Jennifer DeRemer

Bellefonte Area High School Eric Brinser
Bellwood-Antis High School Patrick Sachse

Central Dauphin

Middle School


Lauren Forgas

Jeremy Groff

Kris Kimmel

Nora Knott

Mark Shellemann

Derry Township

High School

Middle School

Jonathon Pinkerton

Greg Woodbridge

John Gabriele

Rich Miller

Hollidaysburg Area

High School

Elementary Schools

Scott Sheehan

Wendy Jo Nagy

Martha Miller

Lori Stephens

Huntingdon Area

High School


Nin Hiles

Emily Canner

Lower Dauphin

Middle School

Greg Hutchison

Loyalsock Township

High School

Middle School

Ryan Bulgarelli

Lee Saville-Iksc

Mechanicsburg Area

High School


Gordon Kaslusky

Kelly Leaman

Milton Hershey


Kent Pierce

Mt. Lebanon

Middle School


Krista Wagner

Carol Froehlich

North Hills

Middle School


Chris Rodack

Valerie Mannino


Middle School


Alexis Farrell

Erica Lambert

Perkiomen Valley

High School


David Overholtzer

Robin Myren

Plum Borough

High School


Bethany Loy

Jane Boyle


High School


Ian Hughes

Jason Libell

School District of Lancaster

High School

Middle School

Tim Sterner

Nathan Wingert

State College Area

High School

Middle School


Eric Clayton

Paul Leskowics

Ronica Brownson

Molly McAninch

Matt Shaffer

Patti Begg

Laura Mazur

Tyrone Area Elementary School

Deborah Estright

Brittany Hipp

West Shore

High School

Caitlin Shepski

Williamport Area

High School

Middle School


Todd Kendall

Matt Radspinner

Marisa Hickey

Natalie VanFleet

Student Teaching Placement Map

Student Teaching Information

Description: The student teaching experience fulfills many purposes, including providing opportunities for the student to:

  1. Make the transition from the role of student to that of a professional music educator;
  2. Become aware of the responsibilities of a professional music educator in school and community.

In addition, we expect student teachers to take responsibility for planning and implementing lessons and rehearsals, locating and constructing teaching materials, reflecting and reporting on daily experiences, and participating in extra-curricular activities. The magnitude and intensity of these events require the student teacher’s full-time attention and energies. [Please read the complete Policy Statement to ensure the successful completion of your student teaching experience. A Variance to Policy Statement Request must be completed, submitted, and approved prior to any scheduled absence while student teaching.]

The Partnership for Music Teacher Excellence Handbook contains information for student teachers, cooperating teachers and University supervisors. The following links will lead you to sections of the handbook which are pertinent to your role. All evaluation forms are included below, and links are given in the handbook as well.

A Guide for Cooperating Teachers,
Student Teachers, and University Supervisors

PMTE (Student Teaching) Handbook (complete version)

Cover Page
1 - Mission Statement
2 - Instructional Planning
3 - Members of the Partnership
4 - Assessment, Evaluation and the Assignment of Grades
5 - The Mentoring Process
6 - Forms and Documentation
7 - Penn State Contacts

Important Tasks Along the Way

Applying to Student Teach...

Partnership Program Application

This is your Application for Student Teaching. Open the .pdf form, follow the directions carefully, filling in the appropriate fields with the information requested.

The Semester Before You Student Teach...

Guest - Host Form

Guest-Host Form p. 2 (Definitions)

This form must be completed by the student teacher, signed and returned to Mrs. Dougherty prior to student teaching. A deadline date will be announced.
PMTE Student Teacher Checklist

This documents provides you with a checklist and information about the items you should complete the semester before you student teach. The checklist includes items such as:

  • PAPA Information
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Background Clearances
  • Teaching Certification in PA
  • Registering for Class and other things you don't want to forget!
Student Teaching Handbook

Pay careful attention to the sections titled:

While You Are Student Teaching...

File Intent to Graduate As stated on the Registrar's site, "It is your responsibility to notify the University of your intent to graduate." This link will take you to all the information you need to file your intent to graduate. You must file your intent between January 2 - January 22, 2018.
Journaling During your student teaching semester, reflection will become an important part of your growth process. This document will outline journaling requirements during your student teaching experience.
e-Portfolio Activities The portfolio process is a framework for helping students see these connections across curricular and teaching experiences. This document will outline the e-portfolio requirements during your student teaching experience.
Seminar Session Information

The dates for Spring 2016 semester are:

Jan. 29: from 8:30-3:30, Blue Band Bldg.
Feb. 26: from 8:30-3:30, Blue Band Bldg.- - Mock Interviews
Mar. 26 : Career Fair from 9-1 at the Penn Stater; Meeting 1:00-3:30
April 30: from 9:00-12:00, (e-Portfolio review) TBA

Mid-Experience Evaluation Instructions

Mid-Experience Evaluation

      blank form

These documents are the instructions and the assessment form used by the student teacher, cooperating teacher and the supervisor to provide mid-term Performance Based Assessment on the student teacher's progress. It provides the student teacher with goals for improvement.

The forms the Pennsylvania Department of Education uses for Application for Instructional I Certification can be found at the PDE's Teacher Certification System web site.
Credential Files to Career Services This link opens up Penn State Career Services eCredentials Services page. Here you will find information and directions for creating your credentials file dossier.

At the End of A Student Teaching Experience...

Final Evaluation Coversheet This cover sheet is to be filled in then printed out and signed by the student teacher AND the cooperating teacher, and then attached to and mailed in with the final evaluation.

Final Evaluation Instructions

Final Evaluation

      blank form

These documents are the instructions and the form that the cooperating teacher and the supervisor will use to provide their final Performance Based Assessment of your Student Teaching Experience.
District/Building Evaluation This form is to be completed by the student teacher and university supervisor at the conclusion of the student teaching experience.
Evaluation of Supervisor This form is to be completed by the cooperating teacher and the student teacher at the conclusion of the student teaching experience. It provides feedback on the supervisor's performance as a mentor and a resource.
Post Student Teaching Information This is information that the Music Education program can use to keep in touch, make your aware of opportunities, events, etc.

* Please Note: .pdf forms that can be filled in online and then printed should be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Mac's using Preview do not display all form functions. Users should download forms and open these files with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Otherwise print out a blank form and hand write in your responses.

For more information about these forms please contact:

Debora A. Dougherty

254 Music Building I
University Park, PA 16802
814-865-9361 (O)
814-312-3820 (C)