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PA Quintet Performs at Millenium Cafe

Pennsylvania Quintet

In an effort to bring the arts and the sciences together, the Millennium Science Complex’s Millennium Café hosted both the Pennsylvania Quintet and geoscientist Richard Alley at its January 26 event. This is the first time that musicians have been invited to participate in this weekly program usually focused on science and technology.

Café organizer Josh Stapleton aims to raise awareness among attendees about what others are studying around campus, as well as providing opportunities to see how others communicate their research. “People in the arts and humanities have an ability to communicate in different ways than those in science and engineering,” Stapleton said.

Presenting a program titled “Bach to the Future,” the quintet initially performed “Prelude and Fugue in D Minor” (BWV 539) (The Fiddle Fugue) by Bach, arranged by Mordechai Rechtman. Following, Professor Richard Alley presented his work with the Penn State Ice and Climate Exploration Center. In describing rising sea levels, he compared a glacier to “pancake batter” and the ice cliffs that are formed by retreating ice sheets to a “spatula” that is holding the glacier in place, or keeping it from spreading. If the glacier spreads, the sea levels will rise.

The Quintet concluded the event with “Seven Aphorisms” by Philadelphia composer Cynthia Folio.

The Millennium Café is held every Tuesday in the Millennium Science Complex.

Photo credit: Patrick Mansell