The College of Arts and Architecture

School of Music Field Trip Policy

These guidelines are in addition to the standard policies for field trips (i.e. Conduct Standards, Memorandum of Understanding, Emergency Medical Form) as outlined on the College of Arts and Architecture website. Additional guidelines for field trips and SofM logotours may be developed by individual faculty members in order to make their trips successful.

1.  Sick students should not go on field trips and, prior to departure, shall email, call, or otherwise directly inform the instructor of their inability to participate.

2.  If a student becomes seriously ill on a field trip, and the distance away from campus is not insurmountable, the student should make arrangements for family members to be taken home in a private car. Individuals with H1N1 should not use public transportation.

3. If a student becomes ill and the faculty member feels the student can remain with the group, it is suggested that the ill student wear a mask to prevent the spread of infection. The college will supply masks for faculty members to use on field trips.

4. In the case where the field trip is required for a course, and the student is excused due to illness or medical emergency, the student will be refunded the recoverable portions of the field trip fee. Students are not eligible for a refund of any portion of non-recoverable fees such as hotel/transportation. An excused absence is defined as one that has been approved by the instructor (generally limited to emergencies or death in the family).

5. When the field trip is a course requirement, students who miss field trips due to illness or medical emergency will be given reasonable opportunities to complete alternate class assignments.

6.  An unexcused absence is one that has not been approved by the instructor. If a student has an unexcused absence from a required field trip, the grade may be reduced based on the grading policies for the class. Students with unexcused absences from field trips will not receive refunds.

7. Students excused from optional field trips or tours due to illness or medical emergency may request reimbursement for the recoverable portions of the fee. If an ensemble tour has been organized through an external tour company, the refund policy as outlined in the terms and conditions of the company will apply.