The College of Arts and Architecture

Idea Generator

general description of the generator - here are some ideas to spark your imagination. We want to hear YOUR ideas regarding how to bring your art to the public in a meaningful and creative way. (We need to figure out a way to help our scholars engage in these...)

Informance Opportunities

On and off campus performing opportunities and sharing your art with a variety of audiences.

"Random Acts of Culture"

Pop-up concerts in surprising on-campus venues and locations (i.e. dormatories, Old Main lawn etc.)

Musical Petting Zoo

A close encounter of a musical kind where you can explore the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of orchestral instruments under the guidance of demontrating Penn State musicians.

Classroom Talks

Musicians relating to non-music majors in general educatio classes.

Guest Artist Interviews

A chance to interact with a variety of musical role models who are visiting campus for performances and masterclasses.

Blogs and Vlogs

Documenting aspects of your performance and study experiences at Penn State in writing or on video

Millennium Cafe Partnership Opportunities

In an effort to bring the arts and the sciences together, the Millennium Science Complex’s Millennium Café hosts weekly programs. Café organizer Josh Stapleton aims to raise awareness among attendees about what others are studying around campus, as well as providing opportunities to see how others communicate their research. “People in the arts and humanities have an ability to communicate in different ways than those in science and engineering,” Stapleton said.

Music Student Ambassadors, please complete the online project follow-up form when your event is complete!