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Program Goals


This program is designed for the professional preparation of an orchestra conductor.  The program seeks to achieve this preparation by (1) development of conducting and ensemble rehearsal techniques, (2) exploration of a large body of music literature in the area of the option, (3) development of skills in music analysis and score preparation and (4) continued development of a broad knowledge of music theory and history.  Students in this program are also encouraged to continue development of skills in performance or composition.


Program Description


This program requires a minimum of 36 credits of course work.  At least half of these credits must be at the 500-level or above, and at least 30 credits must be taken at University Park.  Knowledge of the history and theory of Western art music must be demonstrated by satisfactory completion of competency examinations or completion of specified remedial courses in addition to the curricular requirements listed here.  An oral examination in the area of concentration must be passed near the completion of the program.



The 36-credit requirement is as follows:

Orchestral Conducting (Music 561)8 credits
Studies in Orchestral Literature (Music 580)8
Integrative Conducting Seminar (Music 575)2
Score Reading (Music 435)1
*Music theory, history or literature in area other than chosen option9
Introduction to Music Reference and Research Materials (Music 500)2
Graduate degree performance (Music 591)1
Master’s Paper (Music 594)1
Music Electives (other courses may be substituted with consent of adviser)4

*To be selected from approved list (click here)           



Note: Unsatisfactory performance on the competency examinations in music theory and history taken at the beginning of the program may result in the necessity of additional course work.  (click here for more information)













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