The College of Arts and Architecture

Mark L. Lusk

Mark L. Lusk

Congratulations to Professor Lusk for receiving the 2013 College of Arts and Architecture Award for Outstanding Teaching.

In addition to his work as the applied trombone instructor, Lusk conducts the Trombone Choir and serves the school as a member of the Technology Committee.

Several faculty members and former students wrote letters in support of his nomination for this prestigious award. One wrote that, "he is among the most active applied faculty member in keeping in touch with his graduates, and he frequently invites alumni to return to campus... Clearly, something remarkable happens in the trombone studio as a result of his skill and dedication." 

Another colleague wrote, "over the years, I have never heard one student who didn't have the highest regard for Professor Lusk. I share this respect. He is a model of good teaching."

A student wrote that, for Lusk, "trombone is not really his main concern."  Rather, he is more interested in his students becoming successful, happy as people. "Don't get me wrong, we have spent thousands of hours playing, counting, studying, and analyzing music... But, while some professors may see teaching their students to perform well as the end goal, for [him] it is just the launching pad. The most important priority, in fact maybe the only priority he has, is seeing his students grow as people and musicians, and that brings me to two little words: Unconditional Love."