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Olivia Dowd

Olivia Dowd

Congratulations to Olivia Dowd, a third-year music education major, for her recent selection to the Music Technology Leadership Academy (MTLA), held in association with TI:ME and the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA). The Academy, occurring at OMEA’s annual February conference in Cleveland, provides a highly select group of students the opportunity to study instructional strategies using music technology that are designed to reach secondary school students who are non-participants in traditional music ensembles. Olivia is a member of the Schreyer Honors College and an honors advisee of music education professor Linda Thornton.

From Pittsburgh, PA, Olivia is historian of the Penn State Blue Band as well as president of Penn State’s Collegiate National Association for Music Educators chapter. She was clothing chair of Encore benefitting THON, a member of the Penn State College of Arts and Architecture’s Technology Committee, and a student leader of the Blue Band Bible Study. She is a member of Clarinet Choir and Symphonic Band.

Her plans after graduation are to attempt to secure a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct independent research regarding world music and teacher care. Afterwards, she intends to teach in U.S. Embassies across the globe.