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BA Degree Requirements, General Music Studies Option, Checklist, page 1

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Bachelor of Arts in Music (General Music Studies Option)
120 credits (minimum)

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is designed to help develop basic musicianship, the ability to perform, and a set of principles that leads to a fuller intellectual grasp of the art.
Students are admitted to the School of Music and the College of Arts and Architecture under the designation AAMUS and begin to track their intended degree program. Program reviews are held during the fourth semester. Students who have achieved satisfactory standing may then formally change to their intended major.

Courses to be completed to qualify for admission to the BA in Music are marked †. See also the note under General Education.
See the Undergraduate Handbook for a model course sequence.

Theory/History Core
____ MUSIC 121 Basic Musicianship I (1)†
____ MUSIC 122 Basic Musicianship II (1)†
____ MUSIC 221 Basic Musicianship III (1)†
____ MUSIC 222 Basic Musicianship IV (1)†
____ MUSIC 131 Music Theory I (2)†
____ MUSIC 132 Music Theory II (2)†
____ MUSIC 231 Music Theory III (2)†
____ MUSIC 331 Elementary Analysis IV (2)†
____ MUSIC 162 (IL) Intro to Music History (2)†
____ MUSIC 261 (IL) Survey of Music History (3)*†
____ MUSIC 262 (IL) Survey of Music History II (3)*†
____ MUSIC 332 20th Century Analysis (2)

* May be counted as General Education Arts (GA) by petition. Counting these credits as GA does not reduce the minimum credits required for the degree.

Advanced Study
4 credits may be from applied lessons at the 400 level, provided 300 level applied study has been satisfied.
____ ________________ (3)
____ ________________ (3)
____ ________________ (3)
____ ________________ (3)
____ MUSIC 476W BA Senior Project (3)

     Applied Music
____ MUSIC 119S First Year Music Seminar (2)†
____ MUSIC 17-J Applied Music (2)†
____ MUSIC 22-J Applied Music (2)†
____ MUSIC 27-J Applied Music (2)†

____ ________________ (1)†
____ ________________ (1)†
____ ________________ (1)
____ ________________ (1)

Piano Proficiency
All students must pass a piano proficiency exam before graduation. Exams are held at the end of every semester. Students enroll in piano courses until proficiency is met.

Common Hour
____ MUSIC 101 Music Common Hour (1)
Students must attend 150 documented concert events before graduation. At least 40 of these events must be Common Hour presentations.
Credit for concert attendance is applied when students register for MUSIC 101 in the second semester of their senior year

The set of advanced study courses differs from student to student. The student is expected to develop an area of specialization that culminates in MUS 476W Senior Project. This is frequently done in coordination with a group of faculty members who are acting as mentors. This group may include the academic adviser, an applied instrumental teacher, or faculty from another discipline entirely. In consultation with the mentors, students are expected to create a course sequence that is agreeable to all of them. Please note that some 400-level courses may have pre-requisites. Some specialization areas may require that students take more than the minimum 120 credits to complete the BA degree.

Students must receive a grade of C or better in all courses from their major, as specified in Senate Policy 82-44.